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Barr Club Lamb Sale will be Sunday April 14, 2019. Lambs can be viewed in pens starting late March . Call for appointment. A silent auction format will be followed starting at 11:00 AM and ending at 1:00 PM. Lambs will be floored at $350.00. Refreshments will be served starting at 7:00 AM, prior to the silent auction. I can be contacted any time by phone at 719-250-1355 or email at Health papers will be available for out of state buyers.

Ewe and Ewe Lamb Sale- Private treaty- starting June 1st. First come first serve. Prices $450.00-$750.00.
Late lambs - private treaty and/or online sale.

Sires for 2019 Crop
Picture Coming Soon Duffy 24 Sire: War Party
Dam: Duffy 808

Owned with James Duffy

Picture Coming Soon Full Pursuit Sire: Rebulic
Dam:Giddy Up Daughter

Impact #4 in 2018 sale

Owned with Duffy and Winn

Picture Coming Soon Barr 140

Sire: Duffy 24
Dam: Barr 2108

2018 Keeper Ram


 Reference Sires
Miller 140 S: Miller 953 (Maker)
D: El Jefe daughter

2014 San Antonio Reserve Mutton Breed (Winn)
2014 Res Grand at E New Mexico State Fair (Barr)
2015 Res HW at Brown Co Texas (Barr)
2015 Class 14 winner an Antonio Livestock (Barr)
2015 Grand at E New Mexico
State Fair (Winn)

Owned by Gene Winn
Impact 50088
"Stiff Drink"
S: Giggy Up
D: Arms Race daughter

Purchased in 1st ram lamb sale at Impact Hamps 2015. His lambs look amazing at this point. Several of his lambs will be selling at the Texas Major in 2017.

Owned by Winn/Barr
Barr 3077 "77" S: Tundra
D: Barr 2065
(TRxMiller 113 daughter)

Co-owned with Mark and Cindi Henry
Winn 5033 "33"

Game Face son
S: Winner
Duffy 61 daughter

Duffy 61
D: 61
Show Time daughter

Owned by Gene Winn
7/8 brother to "74"

Winns Duffy 61 Son Winns Duffy 61 Son x Duffy 61

Owned by Gene Winn

Sire of 2016 Fort Worth
Grand Market Lamb
Tundra Sire: Unleaded
Dam: Unleaded daughter

Used thru AI for 2013 lambs. Sire of Barr 3077 ("77") now being used in our flock and Mark Henry's
Unleaded Sire: Enron
Dam: Wang

Used thru AI for 2013 lambs. His daughters have produced great in our flock.

Barr 126

Barr 1036 - Miller 113 x Barr 8017 (Ceaser)
Owned by Mark Henry
Rule 2651 "TR" Sire: Mass Destruction
Dam: McIllwrath Donor Ewe (Pop Grin daughter)
McIllwrath donor Ewe "TR" did a great job of making modern shaggy correctly made individuals for us. His daughters are producing fantastically. (Deceased)
Alias Sire: CEO
Dam: Road Rage daughter
Purchased at Becky Massie Disperal Sale in 2009.
He is a twin brother to AKA. (Deceased)
Miller Y9 Sire: MP
Dam: P3615
This late ram lamb was purchased privately from Jim Miller in 2008. His untimely accidental dealth after his first season prevented us from getting very many individuals from this great ram. (Deceased)
Miller 118 "18" Sire: MP Miller 3050
Dam: Miller P3615 (964)
Brother to "16" and "17". Purchased from Millers in 2008. (Deceased)
Miller R330

Sire: M.P.
Dam: Miller 647

Class winning yearling at Sedalia in 2007. Co-owned with Joe Barker Family. (Deceased)
Hindman 747 Sire: Stetson
Dam: Shaggy daughter
This ram sired more champions for our family than any ram to date. We purchased him at the 2007 Sedalia Ram Sale. His daughters still show up in the pedigree of many of our winners. I also used a son of "747" (Barr 9010 "Bob") very sucessfully.
Whiteaker 701
"Ultra Complete"
Sire: Ultra
Dam: Leverage daughter
His name says it all. He sired the loin and hop of Ultra and the rack of Leverage. Purchased in 2007.
Ceasar Cabinass 118
Cabiness 172 daughter

AI'd 10 Ewes to this great sire in '07.

Whiteaker 610

Sire: Ultra
Ultra daughter

Double bred Ultra-sired many winners at all levels for us. Daughters were even better. Purchased in 2006.
Miller BLK 113 Miller 0-938-(M.P.)
Miller Y1
Purchased from Jim Miller 2006. Tremendous ewe maker for us. His daughters are still very influential in our flock today.


Show Ring Accomplishments


Grand Market Lamb
2016 Fort Worth Stock Show
Shown by Carle Shea Witte
Winn's Duffy 61 Son x Barr 2050


Class 17, #158
9th place
Shown by Kaylin Klein



Photo Coming Soon

Class 14
Winner San Antonio
Shown by Codi Perkins
Sired by Miller 140

Photo Coming Soon

6th Place- Class 9
Shown by Mitchell
Sired by Miller 140 Picture
No photo Available

Reserve Grand HWT
Brown County Fair Texas
Shown by Codi Perkins
Sired by Miller 140 Picture


Champion Ewe
Las Animas County Fair
Shown by Raevyn Odum
Sired by Barr 126

Reserve Grand
Las Animas County Fair
Shown by Raevyn Odum
Sired by Miller 140

Grand Champion
Archuleta County Fair
Shown by Keaton Smith
Sired by Miller 140  
Reserve Grand
Eastern New Mexico State Fair
Shown by Kaylin Klein
Sired by Miller 140

Reserve Grand
Teller County Fair
Shown by Casey Ankrum
Sired by Miller 140

Reserve Grand Champion
Pueblo County Fair 2014
Shown by Lena Garrison
Sired by Miller 140

No Photo Available

4th Place Winner
Shown by Diane Hanson
Sired by Miller 140
No Photo Available

5th Place Winner
Shown by Skylar Strassia
Sired by Miller 140
No Photo Available

2nd to Grand Champion
Eastern New Mexico State Fair
Shown by Laura Winn
Sired by Miller 140
No Photo Available

Reserve Grand
Archuleta County Fair
Shown by Debbie Ray
Sired by Miller 140



       Although our family has been involved in commercial and registered sheep production for three generations the club lamb phase didn't start until 1991 with the purchase of Lew Cox keeper ewe lambs and the flock of George Scott.

        Lew's flock consisted of mainly Crazy Horse genetics through Fred Knop. Lew owned many great rams but the most notable was Alpha the twin brother to Fred's Omega ram. Omega needs no introduction to the club lamb world. Also of note was White Horse who was later sold to the Roy Family. Much of Roy's success can be traced  to this great ram. Lew also had earlier breeding that included two Meat Man sons (Marx 45 son) they paved the way for a great foundation. We purchased all of Lew's keeper ewe lambs in 1991 when he sold out. They included nine Alpha daughters.

        That same year we purchased the entire George Scott family flock. These ewes had been very successful for many years at all levels of competition including a class winner at Houston. These ewes were predominately hamp.  They were extremely hard muscled, long hind saddled,  stylish, meaty productive ewes. The genetics were provided by Barry Ward and Sonny Haas. Very little was ever known about their real genetics but their production in our flock was tremendous.

        In 1999, the NWSS only had two Hamp classes- Light wt 100-139 and Heavy wt 140-180 lbs. Things changed quickly since that time to the Hamp-dominated shows of today. Our flock always had a strong hamp influence through the Scott and Mayor genetics, but we needed to switch to a stronger hamp influence.

        Since 2005, we have used many hamp rams. We used two Ultra Sons (Ultra Sound and Ultra Complete), One Miller 0-938 son (Miller BK 113), one Stetson son (Hindmand 747), three Masterpiece sons (Miller 330R, Miller 118, and Miller Y-9), one CEO son (Alias), one Miller 953 son, one Authenic son, one Unbelievable son, one Mass Destruction son (Rule 2651), and one Hindman 747 son (Barr 9010). We also used Caesar, Unleaded and Tundra through AI. As you can see, I have struggled to find that magic combination of muscle mass and shape, rack, rib structure, bone, touch, up frontedness, and shag, while still maintaining correctness of legs and motion. Even harder is the task of making that desirable show ring package while still maintaining great maternal traits and fertility without genetic defects. Although the task seems daunting, the hope of someday genetically sculpturing that great individual that can win a major consistantly keeps me working toward that end.

        The 2014 show season was a good one for us. We raised the Reserve Grand Lamb at Eastern New Mexico State Fair. We also had a 2nd in class to the Grand. We had 6 Grands and three Reserve Grands at the County Fairs in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

        In 2015, we had a class 14 Hamp winner at San Antonio, Reserve HWT at Brown Co Fair, Texas, and a 6th place at NWSS. All of the lambs were sired by Gene Winn's ram "Miller 140."

       In 2016, we had numerous fair winners as well as Grand at Fort Worth and 4 high place winners at the National Western Stock Show.

        A special thanks to Gene Winn, Rodney Yates and Daniel Melendez for their friendship and help in getting great homes for my lambs. Thanks to Gene for leasing me his rams. Thanks to all the families and exhibitors of our lambs.




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