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Stud Rams


Purchased from Allred / Elliott
Owned with MacLennan, Summers, and Elliott


It is what everyone said when they saw him, "Wow he is unique" Massive bone, back and butt but maintains a great body.


A long story short: "He is the one!"

I told Clay Elliott several years ago that if he ever thought he had produced the ram I needed to give me a call. I waited a couple of years but "Advantage" was well worth the wait. He is just what i ordered. He is MASSIVE in every way and yet has the traditional Elliott chest floor and rib cage. He is extremely shallow for this amount of muscle. His pedigree is equally as impressive and i think he will be a great change for our program. Thanks Clay!
Owned with Hickey Livestock and Allred/Elliot

Run and Gun (320) X All Luck (79)

"Purchased from Cabaniss Club Lambs Owned with MacLennan Club Lambs

"No words necessary - he's a great one"

Reference Sires

 "Johnny Hancock"
Signature X Composure

Owned with Hickey and Frink

We feel this buck will be a great compliment to Advantage! Johnny is dead level, big boned, and shaggy legged. In addition he has his sires chest floor and unique rib shape. We are anticipating a great set of lambs out of this proven stud buck.

Gunslinger X Jag (Bodacious)

Special thanks to MacLennan Club Lambs for the opportunity to purchase this proven stud ram. I feel like he will be a great addition to our program.

This Gunslinger son is as rugged and powerful as anything we have ever used and has a pin set that is simply impressive. His bone and structural correctness only add to his flawless balance and look. He is perfect in the shape of his rib cage and chest floor which is very characteristic of Gunslinger. The quality and consistency that "Intrigue's" mother has shown over three lamb crops made this buck an easy candidate to purchase.

Exclusive X Betta Listen (Elliott)

This is RL pictured at 8 weeks of age. He was our keeper ram in 2006, but we did not utilize him until this year. His rib shape is very unique and his profile is awesome. Coupling this with the Elliott side of his pedigree made it possible for him to breed a much bigger and more level hip this his father, Exclusive. RL is able to make the lambs thicker and more massive. We have a very nice set of babies out of him.|

Template X Icon

Thanks to Simpson Club Lambs and Hickey Livestock I was able to lease this awesome template son. He was the Champion Hampshire Ram at the 2006 Reno Nugget All-American. This ram's added dimension will make a great combination with out ewe base. He is great structured, big boned and blown apart from front to rear. Lambs will be very exciting out of Ringer this year.


Exclusive was purchased as a yearling from the Cabaniss family in Sedalia where he was named the Champion Shrop in 2005. The youthfulness that this sheep possess at a year of age is simply amazing. We have never seen one stay so perfect in his chest floor and rib cage as long as Exclusive has. Plus the overwhelming rack shape and width of loin that he has is almost unheard of. To this point his lambs look phenomenal with the same look and top that he has but complimented with an awesome touch, flawless structure, a dead level hip and muscle shape to go with it. Come and take a look, we think you will agree that Exclusive has the fundamentals to make a Champion plus a little something extra...

Co-owned with MacLennan Club Lambs

Caesar x Smokey

Download is an own son of the highly acclaimed "Caesar" ram who has had unmatched success in recent years throughout the country. Just as excitingly, he is dammed by a "Smokey" daughter. Smokey was the buck of the 90's who shocked the industry with his domination, consistency and longevity. We acquired this proven sire for his raw power and his very attractive muscle pattern with the intent of giving our more extreme "Exclusive" daughters just what they need. We may be as excited about this mating as any we've ever tried.

Co-owned with MacLennan Club Lambs

Rupp X Miller ewe

I would like to sincerely thank Clay Elliott for allowing us the opportunity to lease this very proven and established stud ram. He has proven to be a great producer for Hancock Hampshires and did a tremendous job for me as well. Barron added the extra dimension that we needed while maintaining the awesome look and pattern we have strived for. We are very excited about his babies

Cabaniss 510 "Nickle and Dime"

We would like to thank the Cabaniss family for allowing us to purchase this mature ram. His elevation, rib shape, big hip, and loin shape definitely exemplify the Cabaniss bloodline trademarks. The pattern of this ram's lambs are captivating!

Co-owned with Samber Sheep Company

"Keep Talkin"
Trademark x Broker

Another special thanks to Allred / Elliott for helping us with the selection of this great Hampshire sire.  Keep Talkin combines the genetics of two of the most proven Hancock bloodlines.  We feel his lambs will make a huge impact in both the show ring and the lambing barn.

Train x Cabaniss

Trendsetter's record speaks for itself!  He has sired champions in 11 different states in past years As Always his females are outstanding and would be a great base for any breeding program.

trendsetter.jpg (22735 bytes)


2007 Reserve Grand Champion
Arizona National Livestock Show
High Selling Hampshire Ram
2006 Oklahoma Black and White
2006 Champion Crossbred Ewe
Western Frontier Sale
2006 Grand Champion
San Diego County Fair
2006 Reserve Supreme Champion Ram
Southwest Elite Club Lamb Sale
2005 Reserve Champion
Weld County Fair
Champion Hamp Ewe
2005 Nugget All-American
Grand Champion
2006 Big Bend Livestock Show
Grand Champion
2005 Montana State Fair
Series Champion
Champion Hamp Ewe
Supreme Champion Ewe
2005 Oklahoma Black and White
Champion Crossbred Ram
2005 Oklahoma Black and White
Class Winner & High Selling Ewe
2005 Oklahoma Black and White
2005 Grand Champion
Champions Choice
2004 Reserve Grand Champion
State Fair of Texas
Reserve Grand Champion
2003 Arkansas State Fair
Grand Champion Prospect
2003 California State Fair
Reserve Grand Champion
2003 N.I.L.E
Northern Int. Livestock Expo.
Grand Champion Progress
2003 M.J.C.
Grand Champion
2003 Weld County Fair
Reserve Champion Hamp
2003 Cow Palace
Grand Champion
2002 Arizona National

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