Kouns Club Lambs is now located in Throckmorton, Texas (2 hours west of Ft. Worth)and the entire flock has been moved there. Dad will continue raising sheep in Indiana where he is focused on marketing recips and teaser bucks and is located just 2 miles from Tad Thompson.

15 Polypay recip ewes for sale.

These ewes have all been bred naturally and lambed, they will be sound uddered and awesome milkers.
These ewes are located at the Indiana farm. Contact Josh for details. 317-402-7696


Reserve Grand Champion
Baylor Co. Texas
Shown by Ryan Martinez
Sired by Crazy Bone

Grand Champion
Tippecanoe Co. Indiana
Shown by Kyle Albregts
Sired by Bone Collector

Grand Market Lamb
Tippecanoe County
Shown By Kyle Albregts
Sired By Bone Collector
Grand Ewe
Tippecanoe County
Shown By Kinsey McKillip
Sired By Mirage
Reserve Grand Champion
Tri - State Fair
Sired by: Matador
Shown by: Brynn Owen
Grand Champion Montgomery County
Shired By: Cabaniss 903
Shown By: Katlyn Black
Reserve Grand Champion
Illinois State Fair Open Show
Shown By Nicole Hensler
Grand Champion
Eureka Jackpot
Shown By: Nicole Hensler
Champion Hamp
3rd Overall

Red & Black Classic
Shown By: Jacklyn Bush
Champion Hampshire Ewe
Tippecanoe County Fair
Shown by: Michelle Albreght
Sired By: Matador
Reserve Grand Champion
Montgomery County
Sired By: '30'
Shown By: Brandon Smith
Reserve Grand Champion
Eureka Illinois Jackpot
Sired By: Matador
Shown By: Nicole Hensler
Grand Champion
Dubouis County Open Show
Sired By "30"
Shown By Justin Willoughby
Champion Hamp
Breeders Classic Show A
Sired by Matador
Shown by Nicole Hensler
class 4 Hamps NAILE
Shown By Callie Otis
Sired by: "30"
Champion Hampshire
Sired By: "30"
Shown By: Justin Willoughby
Champion Light Heavy Weight
Eastern National Livestock Show
Shown by Justin Willoughby
Sired by Guns Up
Grand Champion Market Lamb
2006 Albemarle Jackpot Show
Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Shown By: Justin Willoughby

“Sample set of “The Masters” sale”

LOT #1

LOT #2

LOT #4

Miller 425 “Snake Farm”
Miller 218 x Touchstone
Photo Coming Soon
"Crazy Bone"
Bone Collector x Matador
Owned with Greg Inman
Miller Massive x Miller MasterCard
Bred by Franz

"Bone Collector"
Miller 857
Master Copy x Master Copies Dam

Maternal brother to "Beefy" used by Impact, Grand dam was mother of "Tex" at Despain's
1/2 interest purchased from Millers.
Cabaniss 903-05
118 x 177-02
Pictured as a 4 yr. old
Triple X
"30" x Miller ewe
Guns Up X Hancock-Forsee 7108
"Guns Up"
A 4097 son
Raised by Mike Kleinert
Owned with Patrick Padgett
5-10 "30" daughters for sale after weaning.
A Trendsetter son
Raised by Vince McGolden

Kouns Club Lambs
Josh & Kourtney Kouns
Kevin Kouns

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