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The Space Race keeper ewe lamb hangs another banner,
Grand Champion ewe show at Shawano County fair. 
Thanks Dallas Family for showing this ewe.

Congrats Sam Bohm, this Space Race wether was named
Reserve Grand Champion of market show at Shawano County fair.

The 911 keeper ewe lamb hangs another banner,
 Reserve Champion ewe show at Shawano County fair. 
Thanks Dallas Family for showing this ewe.

Congrats Clint Dallas, this Space Race wether was named
Grand Champion of market show at Shawano County fair.

Congrats to Melanie Roehrborn as this 911 wether was named
Grand Champion at Sheboygan County Fair!

This Space Race keeper ewe lamb strikes again, earning Champion Xbred and
then being named Reserve WCLA lamb of the show at the WLBA
Summer Spectacular. Thanks to Bohm Family for exhibiting her.

This Dirty Monkey wether has been named Champion and
Reserve Champion Natural at multiple shows this year. 
Congrats to Brady Hannes for his wins.

Congrats to Clint Dallas, this 911 wether stood
second in class at Wisconsin State Fair.

Congrats to Jed Dallas, this Space Race wether
stood second in class at Wisconsin State Fair.

Congrats to Jed Dallas, this Space Race wether stood
second to Supreme Champion of Wisconsin State Fair.

Congrats to Jed Dallas, this Space Race wether was named
Overall Reserve Champion at UW-River Falls Jackpot Show #1.

Congrats to Sam Bohm, this Dirty Monkey wether stood
second behind the Reserve Hamp at Wisconsin State Fair.

This 911 keeper ewe lamb was named Overall Reserve Champion at
WLBA Spring Preview Show. Thank you Dallas Family for showing this ewe.

This 911 keeper ewe lamb stood second in class at
Wisconsin State Fair.  Thank you Dallas Family for showing this ewe.

Congrats to Sam Bohm, this Space Race wether stood
second behind the Reserve Xbred at Wisconsin State Fair.

This keeper Space Race daughter had everyone talking at
Wisconsin State Fair, she was a class winner that day. 
Thanks to Dallas Family for showing her.



These three keeper ewe lambs had a great day at Wisconsin State Fair,
special thanks to Clint, Jed and Sam for showing off these powerful
girls that represent Corner View genetics.

Call now to reserve your next
Ram, Ewe, or Wether
 and acquire your right for these Superior Genetics!

Current Sires


We are truly excited about our newest addition Cool Banana! He was purchased from Brian Johnson’s online stud ram sale, Lot 6, second high seller of the hottest spring sale in 2015. Cool Banana is sired by Dirty Banana and out of a Trigger x AOK ewe. Cool Banana puts several pieces together in his make-up, impeccable design over the top, very cool rib shape and that Johnson touch we all know so well. His leg shape and muscle expression from the side and rear view are just neat to look at. As you will observe in the video, high headed, cocky ram that tracks wide and sets them down in the right spot. Big footed and fuzzy legged add just the extra chrome we all are after. We feel Cool Banana will be the perfect fit into our Impact and Elliott base we have been putting together the last handful of years.

*Breaking News! Corner View Club Lambs and Viking Genetics LLC have an opportunity for you. Cool Banana will be exclusively available through Viking Genetics LLC from July 1 until August 8. Call Terry, 812-871-5700, for details on how to breed your best ewes to Cool Banana for 2016 lamb crop! http://www.vikinggeneticsllc.com/studrams.html



Sometimes you end up with two instead of one! We bought Exception from Allred/Elliott at the 2014 Men of Influence Sale in El Reno, OK. We were looking to add one ram to our line-up that day and got the first lot bought, Nice Game from Impact but then Elliott’s ram came to the ring and it just felt right, so we got him bought too. Exception is sired by Anomaly (TA x Immortal) and his dam is a Trunk daughter. Exception is wild in his hip shape and pin width, expressive in shape, perfect in his loin edges and flawless structurally. Clay stated “Exception was kept for the MOI and he felt easily the best one they have merchandized through this sale.” Moderate in stature, wide based and tracks squarely with proper flex in his hock and angle up front which allows him to run around with his head in the air. Exception is a ram that is skeletally right with a hard, expressive tone of muscle. His pedigree and phenotype should click to make some outstanding show lambs.




Nice Game

We are excited to add Nice Game to our stud ram line-up. Purchased from Impact Club Lambs through the 2014 Men of Influence Sale in El Reno, OK. The sire of Nice Game is Wild Game. Wild Game is a Game Face x Impact 803 donor. Impact 803 is the $12,000 ewe Impact sold at Industries elite in 2012 to Wolf Club Lambs in Iowa. The dam to Nice Game, Impact 986, 986 is a daughter of the dam to “Open Bar” (Steva Robinson Show Lambs), and the great grand dam Impact 842 was a ewe we sold to Simpson Show Stock out of the Industries Elite that is now in his Donor program. The pedigree of this buck lamb is deep in predictable genetics. His phenotype is perfect if you are trying to moderate, crack them open, add some rib shape and muscle shape. He is as wide based as you can make one. The transition in his top shape is as smooth from rack to loin and loin to hip is impeccable. The ‘touch’ that the Wild Game lambs offer is something that has been lost in many of the trendy ones. We are sure this guy will make killer show wethers.   



Reference Sires

Photo Name Sire  Dam Comments
High Roller Time 801 daughter Reserve Supreme Hamp at '97 Top of Rockies, purchased from Cabaniss
Chips Harrell 1 (Twister son) Rascal grand daughter Bought in McIlrath's '99 Production Sale
Wild Card Harrell 1 (Twister son) Train daughter Bought in McIlrath's '99 Production Sale
Royal Flush Shell 212 Brave daughter Top selling 212 son ever, purchased in McIlraths 2000 Production Sale
Power Stroke "100" (Twister son) Train grand daughter Bought out of Harrell's stud ram pen in 2001 as a yearling
Fortune "2001" (Buzzsaw son) Shell 212 grand daughter Picked out at 4 weeks of age, purchased privately from McIlrath in '03
Mr. C Leverage Son "31" daughter    Picked out at 3 weeks of age in 2005, purchased from Mike Hancock
Cash Ultra Miller 376 daughter    Bought in Feb. from Mike Hancock in
"6093" Mr. C Fields 1 daughter   One of the most complete sheep we raised in 2006
  Knockout Contender 2000 daughter One of the best Contender sons offered from McIlrath. Bought in his 2007 Production Sale
  Hit Me Hitman Cobra daughter This powerful ram was our top pick out of Viking Club Lambs barn in February of 2008.
  Wild Cat Leverage Ultra daughter A must have, Storm Cat's full brother.  We were happy to partner with Hancock on this ram in 2008.
  Hancock 9100 Mirage Ultra daughter When we saw him in Hancock's keeper pen in June 2009, we knew we found something special, co-own with Mike.
Torch Wildfire Major League daughter Purchased from Hindman in 2010 off the America's Top 20 Sale, this Johnson (OK) bred ram came with a proven resume that people dream about. He makes ideal cross with our Hancock based ewes.
  Lucky 13 Ignite Deal Breaker daughter Purchased from MP Club Lambs in March of 2011. After many farm visits the best sheep we had seen that spring.
  Unbelievable Untouchable True Blood daughter Bought from Wheatons at there Spring 2011 ram sale. The width we were seeking in a registered hamp.
Prestige Leverage Composure daughter Purchased off the America's Top 20 Sale in 2012 from Rule, Begalka & Simpson.  Bred by Elliott and sold to those three for $30K at Sedalia in 2009.  This is a ram everybody knows.
911 King PIn Trunk daughter Purchased from Elliott's 2012 Production Sale. This embryo buck lamb had all the extra "chrome" to go with his pedigree.  A perfect for the direction we were heading.
Space Race Arms Race Recruit daughter Purchased from Impact Hamps in 2013, Lot 1 of Reilly's March stud ram sale that year and for good reason, a monster phenotype combined with a predictable pedigree.


Flock Genetics

We started our flock in 1996 after several years of exhibiting show lambs. Of the 100 plus ewes we keep today, over 30 percent are registered Hamps. We select replacements on their ability to produce champions over several generations. Current and past bloodlines include Ultra, Leverage, Shell 212, McIlrath’s 2001 & 2000, Cabaniss 118, Twister, Time, McIlrath 100 & 190, Hickman 40 & 50, Nick ‘O Time, and Cabaniss 801. Our entire flock has been scrapie and spider tested. We focus on "Champion Based Genetics."

In the summer of 2012 we added these six yearling ewes pictured above.  All of the came from the Allred/Elliott summer production online sale.  Daughters of Eccentric, Windfall, Trunk and Justified are all included.  We are excited to add some very nice - complete looking ewes with powerful genetics stacked behind them.  Sure to take our breeding program forward.


For More Information Contact:

Doug Wilson
W5729 County Highway B
Shawano, WI 54166
Roy Wilson
WI State Certified
Livestock Judge
N4357 County Road T
Shawano, WI 54166
 608-215-4490 (cell)
Mike Bohm
N 4793 County Rd. T
Shawano, WI 54166

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