We would like to thank all of the exhibitors that have successfully shown some of the lambs raised by the members of "Gopher Club Lambs" over the past years. We look forward to serving your Club Show Lamb and Breeding Stock needs well into the future. With combined flocks of over 200 head of the best genetics available, we feel that we can provide you with the type and quality that you need to be competitive both in the show ring and with your own flocks. Make sure to check out the quality that we can provide. Give us a call to stop and take a look. Visitors are always welcome.


Lot 779 Tag# 2353 Yearling Ewe
DOB 4/9/2013
Sire – Last Chance 707 Harbour X Kirby 10-34


Lot 782 Tag# 2603 Feb Ewe Lamb
DOB 2/14/2014
Sire – Last Chance 707 Harbour X Harbor Ewe


Lot 783 Tag# 2630 March Ewe Lamb
DOB 3/2/2014
Sire – Gopher 2259 (Last Chance X Ballard) X Ballard Ewe


Lot 784 Tag# 2634 March Ewe Lamb
DOB 3/4/2014
Sire – Kirby 10-34 X Wedell Ewe


Lot 781 Tag# 2580 Feburary Ewe Lamb
DOB 2/8/2014
Sire – Kirby 10-34 X Jim Kirby Ewe


Lot 780 Tag# 2637 March Ram Lamb
DOB 3/5/2014
Sire – Kirby 10-34 X Jim Kirby Ewe


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