Bob Robinson
71645 210th St.
Colo, IA 50056
Cell: 515- 231-7536

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We at Robinson Club Lambs strive to produce top breeding stock for your programs as well as champions in the show ring.

We invite you to come take a look at our lambs as we are sure you will find a lamb that best fits your needs.

Yearling Ram For Sale!

Sire: Direction
Dam: Coach

Robinson Ram photos posted:

Tag 1460
Sire: Vindicator
Dam: T Man
DOB 2/18

Tag: 1401
Sire: Ricky
Dam: T Man
DOB 1/18

Tag: 1448
Sire: Vindicator
Dam: 2 Dogs
DOB 1/26

Tag #: 1454
Sire: Vindicator 
Dam: T Man
DOB 2/11

Tag: 1404
Sire Ricky
Dam Coach
 DOB 1/19

Tag: 1415
Sire: Ricky
Dam: Coach
DOB: 2/24

Tag: 1449
Sire Vindicator
Dam T Man
DOB 1/27

Tag: 1428
Sire Ricky
Dam Stud Muffin
DOB 2/24