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When you are in central Iowa, stop in and take a look...
We know you'll like what you see! We're located in the center of Iowa,
20 miles North of I-80 at the Colfax exit, or 20 miles East of I-35 at the Maxwell exit.



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Huntrods Club Lambs Online Sale

Lot 1  5204

Registered Dorset Ram/wether
SIre:  Huntrods CL's 3235
Dam:  Huntrods 5988
Dams sire:  Huntrods "19"
DOB:  12/28

Ram/Wether.  This ram is super smooth and well balanced.  His big stand up top wedges into a wide hip.  His powerful muscling carries deep into his twist.  He has that cool wether look.  He is flawless in his lines.   Don’t overlook this one.  

Lot 2   5216

Registered Dorset Ewe
SIre:  Daniels 418
Dam:  Huntrods CL's 305
Dams sire:  Butch
DOB:  12/29

When we purchased the Daniels ram, this is what we had in mind.  Upfronted, fuzzy, trendy yet powerful, great in her lines.  305 is part of our best ewe family and has produced two of our highest selling ewe lambs that past two years and a keeper ram.  She has never missed. Buy with confidence.


Lot 3   5214

Registered Dorset Ewe
SIre: Huntrods CL's 4415
Dam:  Huntrods 6091
Dams sire:  Huntrods "19"
DOB:  12/30

5214 is a well balanced, powerful ewe. She has a big top, square hip, and is really smooth.  

Lot 4  5238

Speckle wether
SIre:  Slack 2511
Dam:  Huntrods 2056
Dams sire:  MacLennan
DOB:  1/16

Full brother to our high selling spec last year.  He is super smooth and shows extremely well.  He has a great standup rack and is loaded with muscle.  Don’t let his green condition fool you.  He is a no miss lamb.


Lot 5    5229

Speckle ewe lamb
SIre:  Huntrods 133
Dam:  Huntrods 2113
Dams sire:  Huntrods
DOB:  1/19

A really cool spec ewe prospect.  She is really wide racked and loaded with muscle.

Lot 6    5219

Registered Dorset Ewe
SIre:  Huntrods CL's 3235
Dam:  Huntrods 6130
Dams sire:  Huntrods "45"
DOB:  12/31

A really powerfully built ewe lamb, super in her lines.  6130 had one of our high selling ewe lambs in last years sale.  They don't come much bigger racked.


Lot 7   5223

Registered Dorset Ewe
SIre:  Huntrods CL's 3235
Dam:  Huntrods 5371
Dams sire:  Huntrods 5200
DOB:  1/1

Big racked, fuzzy, square made ewe.  Great loin edge.

Lot 8    5257

Speckle wether
SIre:  Huntrods 133
Dam:  Huntrods CL's 2088
Dams sire:  Bell & Leonhard
DOB:  1/26

We end with this very young spec wether.  He is very complete, big loin edge, and well put together.  We didn’t intend to sell him here, but he is just too good not to offer.





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2015 Rams


Thanks to Morrical Club Lambs for allowing us to breed our black faced ewes to Reckless.
We are excited to see what pieces he adds to our program!

Born Again
Thanks to Enfield Club Lambs for allowing us to lease Born Again to use for late lambs. We are excited to use this proven sire. Look for late Feb. and March babies by Born Again!


Huntrods Club Lambs 4415
Dammed by one of our foundational Dorset ewes, 4415 combines a massive top and big hip in a complete package. His lambs should be packed with power!

Daniels 418
We selected this White Lightning son from Daniels Club lambs. We feel he can add another dimension to our breeding program.


(no pic)

Thanks to Brian Balfanz for leasing us Bashful to breed a few select Dorset ewes to this year.  We will have a limited number of lambs by this proven sire.  Bashful has added ever more excitement in the lambing barn this winter! 

Huntrods Club Lambs 3208
Sire:  Slack 2511
Dam:  Huntrods "45"


Huntrods Club Lambs 3235
Sire:  Slack 2511
Dam:  Butch

SLACK 2511
Sired by Slack 5067
We are excited to add this Slack March lamb to our stud ram lineup. He is flawless in his rib shape and chest floor. His hip is massive and features deep lower leg muscling. For all his power, he is very smooth and extended through his front. Very few Dorsets with his power have that neat, clean, wether look. We think he will be the perfect compliment to our ewe flock. Look for lambs by him coming soon!



Reference Sires


Huntrods "94"
Sired by "19"
We are excited to see the lambs this March lamb will produce. His early lambs look great!

Sired by Huntrods 5253

Probably the best 5253 son to date. He combines extreme length and hindsaddle with a square hip. He is dead level down his top and is extended through front. All our speckles will be sired by Butch. We are excited about the look of the first few lambs that are on the ground.


Huntrods 2042
Sire: Bell & Leonhard
Dam: G-Force II
This ram was an easy choice to be a keeper. He features the super correctness of the G-Force II line. He is big boned, has shag, and is dead level down his top. He is big topped and wide hipped. His mother has produced two State Fair or AKSARBEN class winners in her in 3 years. 42's triplet sister was one of the best ewe lambs in the barn last year, and the other triplet brother was one of the first stud rams out the door last spring. We expect big things out of 42 this year.

Sired by Eclipse out of a Miller daughter
We selected this Eclipse son for his massive hip, top, and structural correctness. He is excellent in his hip loin junction. We think he will be the perfect compliment to our ewe flock. Look for his first lamb crop coming soon.

Bell & Leonherd
5th Place Feb Crossbred Ram Lamb, Sedalia
Sired by Rookie, Caeser son

We were very excited about the addition of this Bell & Leonhard Rookie son. His first lamb crop did not disappoint! We expect even greater things this year.

MacLennan "Money Maker" grandson
Thanks to Sherri Nelson for leasing us this exciting, upfronted ram with a super loin shape. We think he will be the perfect compliment to our Schmillen and Bell & Leonhard daughters.

Schmillen 65
Equity x Rising Star

We selected this April ram lamb because of his great genetic package. We are excited to see the pieces he will add to our flock. His dam is the full sister to the Reserve Champion Lamb at the '07 Kansas State Fair.

Huntrods 9076
Freist x G-Force II

This ram was always a favorite. He combines the eye appeal, lines, and squareness of hip of the G-Force II line with a super loin edge and rack shape. We will have a select few lambs available by this ram.


G-Force II
SIre: G-Force
Dam: Huntrods 300 daughter

G-Force II is for Sale! We have used G-Force II's sire, G-Force,  and grandsire a total of 4 years. We now have 2 lamb crops by G-Force II. We have so many related ewes in our flock, we feel it is time to move on. His lambs feature flawless, super square hips, large bone with excellent feet and legs. He produces great profiling lambs that are super in their lines, and look like Suffolks. He wedges as well as any sheep we have ever used. Give us a call if interested!

G-Force II was a lamb no one paid attention to in our barn all spring long. Raised as a twin on a 1/2 uddered ewe, by July, it was clear he was going to be a keeper. He features an even bigger top than G-Force with a rock hard touch. He has the super square, wide hip that our sheep have always been noted for. He is also super in his lines like G-Force and holds together extremely well on the move. We have two full brothers to G-Force II on the ground. Look for pictures of them soon!

Sire: Big Mac
Dam: Our top BOXTOP daughter.

The 2007 lambs by G-Force were a huge success!! He not only sired the winners shown above, he sired many of the top lambs we sold off the farm. This year, we bred him to many of our top ewes. If you are looking for Hamp influenced lambs that look like Suffolk's, a G-Force lamb may be what you are looking for!



2014 Winners

Congratulations, dad, on being elected to the Dorset Hall of Fame!

Special thanks to Ralph Amyx for
purchasing our high selling ram at Sedalia.
Sired by Huntrods 3208

Champion Commercial ewe and
Reserve Grand Breeding ewe 
Winger memorial jackpot
Shown by Jack Lindsay
Placed by Aaron Preator
Sired by Slack 2511

Huntrods 4450
Champion Dorset Ewe
Hendricks County Fair
Shown by Carsen and Kristen Cummings

Sired by Huntrods 3208

Past Winners


2nd Place Lightweight and 3rd overall Dorset
at the Oklahoma State Fair
2nd place Heavyweight and 3rd overall Dorset
at the Tulsa State Fair
Champion Dorset at Cache Free Fair
Champion Dorset Cement Free Fair 
Champion Dorset at Fletcher Free Fair
Champion Dorset at NOC Maverick Jackpot 
Champion Dorset at Great Plains Winter National.

Shown by Stephanie Morefield.  Congratulations!


Champion slick sheared Dorset
Midwest preview show in Sedalia.
Shown by Garrett Schriener



Huntrods 3289
Champion Dorset Ewe 2013 Arizona State Fair
Sired by "63"
Shown by Loni Faith Ferguson

Huntrods 3264

Reserve Dorset - Eureka IL ICLA show
1st place Dorset- Midwest Preview Show, Sedalia, Mo
4th place ewe -All American Jr show
1st place Heavyweight Dorset Illinois State Fair


Shown by Garrett Schriener


2nd in class, 2011 ISF
Sired by Bell & Leonhard
Shown by Jason Huntrods



Champion Dorset Ewe
2010 Virginia State Fair
Shown by Kaylee Greiner

Grand Ch. WBI, Shelby Co. Fair
Shown by Aaron Hansen
Sired by Butch. 


Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe Hardin County Fair
Shown by Cheyenne Friest.
Sired by Huntrods 9076

Champion Dorset Market Lamb, Colorado State Fair
Sired by Huntrods 5253 
Raised by Jerry Gross

Huntrods 5595
Supreme Champion Purebred Overall
2009 Story County Fair
Shown by Sam Huntrods
Sired by Huntrods 5253

Huntrods 9097
Sired by Freist
2nd in class to the Lightweight Division Champion
Shown by Jason Huntrods

Huntrods 5638
Champion Dorset Ewe and Res Supreme Ewe overall
Virginia Jr Sheep Breeders State Show
Shown by Kaylee Greiner

Huntrods 5638
Champion Dorset ewe
2009 Virginia State Fair
Shown by Kaylee Greiner


Champion Speckled Face Commercial Ewe
2009 Virginia State Fair
Bred and Shown by Kaylee Greiner
dam is Huntrods 5501
(ewe that was Ch WF Commerical Ewe for Kaylee at our 2008 VA State Fair)


Huntrods 5501
Sired by Huntrods 5353
Champion White Faced Commercial Ewe
2008 Virginia State Fair
Congratulations Kaylee Greiner!

Huntrods 5505
Shown by Kaylee Greiner

2008 Jackpot Champion, Waterloo;  
Res. Champion Overall, Story Co., Congratulations to Riley 
Wattonville for purchasing this G-Force lamb at the Midwest Elite Sale.


Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Ewe
2007 Iowa State Fair 4-H
Sired by G-Force

Class 12 Winner, Performance Division
2007 Iowa State Fair 4-H
Sired by G-Force


Champion Speckle Commercial Ewe
Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe  Overall
Clay County Fair

Thanks to Weber and Weber Club Lambs for purchasing
this great ewe lamb off the farm!

Class Winner
Shown by Julie Huntrods


Grand Champion Speckle Commercial Ewe
Grand Champion White Influence Overall
2006 Iowa State Fair
Shown by Jason Huntrods

Class 1 Commercial Ewe
Class winner
Class 1 Black Face Commercial Ewe
Shown by Julie Huntrods


Grand Champion Division II
2004 Iowa State Fair
Sired by Huntrods 3119
Shown by Julie Huntrods

Reserve Champion Suffolk Ram
Oklahoma Black & White Sale
Sired by: Schminke

2001 Grand Champion Market Lamb
Clark Co. 4-H Fair, Indiana
Shown by Kayla Brooks
Purchased at the Midwest Elite Sale
Congratulations Kayla! 


1st Place Class 19 Market Lamb
Iowa State Fair 4-H
Shown by Janae Huntrods
Sire: Berry


1st Place Class 17 Market Lamb
Iowa State Fair 4-H
Shown by Julie Huntrods
Sire: Huntrods 300

Reserve Grand Champion Lightweight Division,

Sired by Huntrods 3119
Shown by Julie Huntrods

Reserve Champion OVERALLL
Mississippi Southwest District Show

Class Winner
Class Winner
Dixie National
Many Times Champion or Reserve
Shown by Blair Brewer 
Purchased at the Midwest Sale


Class Winner
Shown by Janae Huntrods
Sire: Huntrods 300


Champion White Face
Commercial Ewe
Iowa State Fair 4-H
Shown by Nick Enfield
Sire: Magic Meadows
Congratulations Nick!



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