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~ Mission ~

   Our mission at Wedel Southdowns is to raise high quality market lambs & breeding sheep at affordable prices. Ronald Wedel (Dad) began raising Southdowns in 1958. He was able to accumulate a prestigious show record by seeking consistent genetics and ideal breed character. However, he was especially proud of the fact that he was able to help several young Southdown breeders get started in the business. Dad always taught us winning was nice but they had to be low maintenance to live on the farm. Our Southdowns are easy keepers and pass their traits on to the next generation. Southdown breeders who choose Wedel Southdowns can expect big tops, plenty of length and adequate frame size to compete at the shows. At the same time our sheep will be easy to maintain on the farm. We look forward to helping you find the right Southdown to meet your needs!

     -Dennis Wedel

~DNA History~

The Wedel Flock started in 1958. Dad imported stud rams from New Zealand to improve size and quality. This New Zealand influence was an incredible success not only for us but many of our customers. We have always selected for length, muscle, and good Southdown breed type. When the Spider problem in the Southdowns began in the 1990's, we tested our rams. We were fortunate to always have NN results. We have continued to only use NN rams since.

When the Scrapie problem crept into the Southdowns a few years ago, we were proactive in testing our rams. Now we have decided that testing our ewe flock was important in maintaing high quality for our customers. We have used all Genotypes but now are striving to raise only QR and RR lambs. Below is a percentage breakdown of the Codon 171 testing we have undertaken the past 5 years. We thank all of our customers who have selected our sheep for their length, muscle, and breed type. Now we will strive to bring potential customers those traits along with QR, RR, and NN sheep. Wedel Southdowns now is also testing for Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED) otherwise known as Hairy Lamb. We have tested nearly every ewe in the flock along with the stud rams. Our results are very encouraging. EDF means Hairy Lamb Free. Our results for all these DNA tests are found below. If you have any questions about our testing methods for the DNA of our flock please ask.

Wedel Ewe Flock
Over 86% QR or RR
Over 44% RR
Over 89% EDF (Hairy Lamb Free)



In addition group of 15 ewe lambs priced to sell!  Sample pictured below!

BELOW FIND PEDIGREE AND DNA INFORMATION ALONG WITH PRODUCTION AND PRICE.  ALL THESE EWES IN THIS OFFERING LAMBED THIS YEAR AND RAISED THEIR LAMBS!  Wedel Southdowns is pleased to note the productivity of brood ewes for our customers. JJ Maddox purchased 10 ewes last Summer and the entire group was paid for in three lambs. In addition he has a keeper ewe lamb and a stud prospect out of that group. Also Valley View Farms (The Miller boys from South Dakota) have done exceptionally well with a group of brood ewes and a group of ewe lambs purchased from Wedel Southdowns. Last year at Sedalia they had Sr and Res Sr Ch Ewes out of two different Wedel ewes! This year Hunter showed the Res Ch Ewe again out of a Wedel ewe purchased couple years back! Purchasing window for brood ewe closes when rams are placed in for breeding (approximately 2 weeks). All ewes will be retained if not sold. I have total confidence in this group of ewes! If you are looking to start or replenish a Southdown flock call Dennis at 620-747-0853.

# DNA   BD Sire Dam Comments Price
Wedel 9070 RR/EDF ’09 Forsee 32 Wedel 7071 Produced couple keeper ewes $400
Wedel 1054 QR/EDF ’11 Kirby 7-71 Wedel 9099 Produced keeper ewe/wether sold TX         $500
Wedel 1042 RR/EDC ’11 Kirby 7-71 Wedel 3006 Multiple wethers sold TX and 1 ewe lamb $400
Wedel 2009 RR/EDF ’12 Wedel 9029 Wedel 8024 Show ewe, need add some size? $500
Wedel 2029 RR/EDF ’12 Wedel 9029 Wedel 8044 Consistent ewe, very well balanced ewe $400
Wedel 2033 RR/EDF ’12 Forsee 32 Wedel 8149 Stacked pedigree here, 1st at KJLS as yearling Should not be selling this one! $500
Wedel 2034 RR/EDF ’12 Wedel 9029 Wedel 0017 Dam is one of the best in flock! $400
Wedel 2052 RR/EDF ’12 Wedel 9029 Wedel 9070 Her mother is also for sale, hard workers! $500
Wedel 2092 RR/EDC ’12 Howard 59 Wedel 1042 Consistently lambs early, twins this year $400
Wedel 2095 QR/EDC ’12 Howard 59 Kirby 7-33 Hip +  Produces top wethers! $500
Wedel 2096 R/EDC ’12 Howard 59 NSLS 10029 Dam purchased in Ohio Sale $3100, smooth $400
Wedel 3071 R/EDF ’13 Junge 1103 Kirby 10-21 Massive hip in this sheep! $400
Wedel 3022 R/EDC ’13 Howard 59 Wedel 9100 I sold her ewe lamb to IL in her first year! She also was first ewe to lamb. $500



FOR SALE:  2013 Chevy Equinox LT
One Owner:  Florene Wedel
Driven primarily to Church - Dr. Appts. - Errands
(Has never been driven out of the state)

Low Miles 12,324  
Condition:  Like New!
Any Questions contact Dwight Wedel 620-345-6537



~ College Visits ~

College Livestock Judging Teams Visit Wedel Southdowns

Recent College Visitors to the Farm:

University of Nebraska
Kansas State University
Hutchinson Community College
Butler Community College
San Angelo (TX)

Thanks to all livestock teams working out at Wedel Southdowns!
Good luck to ALL at the contests!




Congratulations Janae McKinnney
2015 McPherson County 4-H Fair
Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe

Congratulations Janae McKinney
2015 McPherson County 4-H Fair
Res Gr. Champion Market Lamb

Congratulations Katlyn Galloway
2015 Reno County Fair
Champion All Other Breeds
(4th Overall Champion)


Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe
2014 McPherson Co. 4-H Fair
Shown by Taylor Goering
Bred by Wedel Southdowns

Res Supreme Ch. Breeding Ewe
2014 McPherson Co. 4-H Fair
Shown by Michael McKinney
Bred by Wedel Southdowns


Reserve Champion Market Lamb
2014 McPherson Co. 4-H Fair
Shown by Taylor Goering
Bred by Wedel Southdowns

Reserve Supreme Champion
Breeding Ewe
2014 Reno County Fair
Shown by Katlyn Galloway
Bred by Wedel Southdowns

Supreme Champion Breeding Ewe
2014 Reno County Fair
Shown by Katlyn Galloway
Bred by A&M Ranch


2013 1st Place Ewe Lamb
KS St Fair, Res Ch KJLS
Shown by Ethan Fowler
Bred by Wedel Southdowns
Sired by Howard 59
2013 Ch Southdown
KS St Fair
2013 Res Ch Overall Reg. Breeding Ewe Ks St Fair
2013 4th Overall Ewes (175 head shown!)
Shown by Janae McKinney
Bred by Wedel Southdowns
2013 1st place light wt Southdown Mkt Lamb KS State Fair
Shown by Katlyn Galloway
Bred by Wedel Southdowns
Sired by Junge Southdowns


2013 1st and 2nd place yearling ewe KJLS

1st place shown by Shelby Miller
Bred by Wedel

2nd place shown by Taylor Goering
Bred by Maddox

Congratulations Katlynn Galloway
2013 Reno Co. Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Ewe Overall Breeds

Congratulations Janae McKinney
2013 McPherson Co. 4-H Fair 
Grand Champion Breeding Ewe
Judge: Daren Hibdon


Congratulations Taylor Goering
2013 McPherson Co. 4-H Fair
Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe
Ewe Bred by JJ Maddox
Judge: Daren Hibdon

Congratulations Ethan Fowler!
2013 Res. Gr. Ch. Market Lamb McPherson Co. 4-H Fair
(First time Southdown has earned honor in over 40 years!)

Congratulations Ryan Miller Family!
Exhibited 2nd Place March Ram Lamb NAILE (Open Show)
Sire: Wedel 9029
Dam: Wedel 8014 (Dam sold as bred ewe)
Selling good ones before they are even born!


Congratulations! Ethan Fowler
2012 Reserve Ch. Southdown Ks State Fair Jr. Show
2012 Reserve Ch. Southdown Ks Jr Livestock Show
Lamb bred by: Kirby Southdowns (Thanks Dr. Kirby!)
Nice addition to the Wedel flock!

2012 McPherson County 4-H Fair
Southdown Yearling Ewe Class
(Group placed by Wedel Southdowns)
Supreme and Res Supreme Ewe (Wedel Bred)
Congratulations Ethan, Taylor, Trenton, and Jose!
Good Luck at State Fair & KJLS!

Congratulations Hunter Miller!
1st Place Late March Ewe Lamb
All American Junior Show
National Junior Southdown Show
(Dam:  Wedel 7035 sold as bred ewe)
Wedel Customers win!


{ Photo Coming Soon! }

2012 Nueces County Fair, Texas
Champion Southdown Wether

NSLS 10029 Undefeated in class 2010 and 2011
2010 Champion Ks St Fair Jr Show & KJLS
2011 Res. Ch. Ks St Fair Jr Show & KJLS & McPherson Co 4-H Fair Sup. Ch.
2011 KJLS Top 3 yearlings retained in our flock!
Thanks to Goering, Nikkel, and Fowler families for choosing Wedel Southdowns!

Congratulations JJ Maddox bred 2011 Tulsa Champion
Sired by Wedel 8035!


Congratulations Tenise!
2010 Supreme Ch. Ewe McPherson County 4-H Fair
Good Luck at the KS. State Fair & KJLS
Breeder: Oldenburg 9114

2010 Reserve Champion
 Hill Country District Junior Livestock Show at Kerrville, Texas
 Congratulations Kevin Ede!

2009 Champion Southdown Ks. St. Fair Jr. Show
Shown by Sarah Jamison
Bred by Kashen Nelson
Dam is Wedel Ewe! Res SD bred the same way!
Wedel Ewes Breed On


Champion Southdown
2009 Ks. Jr. Livestock Show
Also Congratulations to Harris Club Lambs, breeder of the Res.
Grand Dam, Wedel Ewe.

1st Place Light Weight Houston 2008
Congratulations Ray Frizzell!

Champion Southdown SouthWest District
Grand Champion Market Lamb

Caddo County Spring Show

Congratulations Delaney Sharry for winning
with this Wedel lamb!


Reserve Supreme Champion Registered Breeding Ewe
Champion Southdown Ewe

2007 Kansas Junior Livestock Show

Congratulations Tenise!

2007 Fort Worth Res. Champion
We also bred 3rd heavy at Houston and several high placing lambs at Kerrville and county shows in Texas. Also 3rd heavy at Oklahoma City!

Reserve Champion Southdown
2006 San Antonio

Congratulations Kayley Wall!


Supreme Champion Ewe Over All Breeds
Kansas Junior Livestock Show

Congratulations to Tenise, showing a WEDEL ewe. This is the fourth Wedel Southdown to win Supreme Champion in Kansas in the last four years.

2004 Fort Worth Champion, 1st Heavy Weight
Congratulations Kris Ede

Also 5th and 7th Heavy Weight


~ 2014 Stud Ram Line Up ~

Maddox 12102 Powerhouse RR/NN/EDF

High Selling Southdown 2012 National Sale
High Selling Southdown $8000
2012 National Southdown Sale
Muscle-Bone-Rib Shape-Breed Type- 
He has it all!  Check out his babies in 2013!

Wedel 4029 QR/NN/EDF

Sire: Maddox 1053 "Sam"
Dam: Wedel 1050

Just the right combination of power and pretty! Watch for his lambs in 2015!

Maddox 1053 QR/NN/EDF

Half Interest with JJ Maddox

~~Reference Sires~~

B & B Howard 0059-10

He is sure to add profile to our "power"ful ewe flock

Junge Ram 1103 RR/NN/EDF

Power-Length-Wide Base-Structural Correctness
Thanks to the Junge family for allowing me to purchase him!
Yet another reason to visit Wedel farm in 2013!

Cornett Ram 236 QR/NN/EDF

Sire: Wedel 3004 "Scar"
Dam: Jennings 02-466

This one packs a Punch!!

Wedel 9029 QR

Sire: Forsee R07-032 RR/NN
Dam: Wedel 6061 Res Supreme Ch KJLS 2007

Forsee R07-032 RR/NN/HLF

Sold Michayla Haden, NM

Wedel 7045 QR

Wedel 7045 QR
Built with a great top and rear
Dam is my best ewe!

Cole 314 RR/NN

He is 37" long and powerfully made.
Thanks to Gale and Jami for allowing me to purchase him.
Ask us about his lambs in 2010

Cole 2065 QR/NN

A Southdown that always produced the right kind! Southdown Breed will miss him!

Schulz 738

(RR-NN Stud)
Powerful Proven Stud Ram


~ Recent Customers ~

Recent Customers!

2015 Customers

Kelsie Anderson        OK 
JJ Maddox                 OK
Zane Bauer                 TX
Craig Mackey            IL
Clay Eckert                 KS 
Janae McKinney       KS
Taylor Goering          KS 
Ben Rogers                KS
Katlyn Galloway       KS
 Liza Rogers                 KS
Jeff Greene                IN
Kaleigh Romines       OK
Heath Laber              CO
 James Sappington     IA
Daniel Lange            TX
Matt Trostle               PA
Carmen Larosa         NJ
Grace Zongker           KS

(Repeat Customers *)

McCorkle Family

Ricky Gallegos
Laber Livestock
Heath Laber


Cassidy Hasting

J Kull
Craig Mackey

John Fastert
James Sappington

Amy Mrozinski
Padgett Family
Burns Family
Maroska Family
Jeff Greene

Harris Club Lambs
Katie Gillmore
Joseph Smith Family
Elliot, Allison, and Shelby Smith

Chad Wilson
Trenton Goering
Taylor Goering
Jake Nikkel
Ben Nikkel
Ethan Fowler

Grace Zongker
Shelby Miller
Michael McKinney
Janae McKinney
Katlyn Galloway
Clay Eckert
Sarah Fischer
Grace Zongker
Jose Gloria
Troy Biehler
Katie Schrag
Soluna Homestead
Emmy Goering

Clay Eckert
Janae McKinney
Taylor Goering
Ben Rogers 
Katlyn Galloway 
 Liza Rogers

Dusty Rincker

Bill Abell III
Ashtyn Anderson
Eckler Acres

Benton Creek Farms
Jim Nesseth
Tony Herrera Family

Bauer Family Southdowns
Neil Onnen
Rising Son
Matt Hammer & Glen Anderson

New Mexico

Michayla Haden

New Jersey

Carmen Larosa

Carroll Baird

Kaleigh Romines
David Leu
Dwayne & Melissa Severin
Colt & Jennifer Shaw
Josh McDonald
Eaton Family
Cade Severin
JJ Maddox

Kelsie Anderson
JJ Maddox 
Kaleigh Romines 

Matt Trostle

Fred Wutzske

Cory Wright

Bubba Keyes Family
Randy Kelder
Buddy Elledge Family
Gordon Drennan
Kris Ede
Russell Hevenor
Ray Hindman
Michael Clayman
Mike Finch
Wes Sanders
Zane Bone
West Southdowns
Larry Lain
Zane Bauer

Daniel Lange

South Dakota
JEM Stone
Robert Peterson Family
Hanna Peterson
Ryan Miller Family


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